How much of our tax money goes to cigarettes, even if we don’t participate in smoking them? 170 billion. Why? The reason being is how many health issues smoking causes.Researchers found that smoking is responsible for 45 billion in Medicare spending per year, 39.9 billion in Medicaid spending per year and 23.8 billion in other government-sponsored insurance programs per year. In conclusion, researchers found that smoking accounts for 8.7 percent of annual healthcare spending in the United States, with adults reporting at least 14 million major medical conditions related to smoking.

So on that note, what does that mean for me? You might ask. Well, that 170 billion in annual health care going towards cigarettes is money YOU Pay in taxes! Our question we leave for you is, why shouldn’t the cigarette companies be paying for the damage caused by them in the first place?  If they can pay for their products to be heavily promoted then cause the damage to  the people, they should be dealing with the repercussions of the product, not the taxpayers or the ones who do not smoke! Think about it and leave comments on how you feel / opinions! Healthy, kind, debates only please.