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U.S Citizenship Card Idea.

You could obtain the same way you get a passport for international travel. The use is mandatory for employment. Employing/hiring person merely swipes like a credit card. Picture and information comes up. It will be needed fir obtaining any public benefit paid for by government. Penalties for hiring without : $10,000 and/or misdemeanor for first offense. Penalties for a fake card : $10,000 and felony. There is no reason for anyone to come here illegally if they can’t work. They get no public benefits. It is equal to people of all colors and countries. Those already here can declare themselves. Get a temporary card while they properly apply for admission. Other problems : Some people will think of every prone as if their negative genius is the end all. The real smart people will see the solution. It is so easy, why hasn’t it been used?

My theory is like people like to buy from china because it is cheaper, business and people like having a labor source that works for less out of necessity. So will this work? I don’t think so, conversely to the wall supporters may say, it seems clear that this cheap labor source is too valuable to keep out or legalize because then they don’t have to work for less. Labor is labor regardless of skin color. Those who were raised in the United Started, know the language, had opportunity to get good education, who have contacts and a start but didn’t take any steps to differentiate themselves from other labor, ie. it is a unit of labor, like a pen writes whether it’s from China or Kentucky. Those people left themselves in an unprotected position and like the idea of barring all china imports and ,making you buy there expensive United Stares product, reality and politics are two different things of what people want.

These are my thoughts. I was an economics/political science major graduating with honors and became a lawyer I tell you that because when you look at my opinion, you should know the basis of the person giving it. Not saying it makes me the answer, just you should always know the quality of a source of opinion.


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