The Plan


Making the World a Better Place For All of Us

What’s The Plan?

I. Stop corruption in government.

1. No dark money. 

2. Any amount over $10,000 given to a politician must be given to a blind trust that holds money and distributes it without identification of who it is from. Communication of who provided the money is a crime. Telling a politician you provided money over $10,000 is a crime. This will reduce the bribery currently taking place.

3. We have many open channels for debate, internet is available and topics can be stated to be weighed in on for the best ideas. 

II. No politician, individual or entity is above the law and the pardon power is eliminated by the Constitutional Amendment. 

1. A president can be charged with a crime while acting as the president if a U.S district court determines that a sufficient level of evidence exists that a crime was committed.

III. the Electoral College is abandoned by Constitutional Amendment.

IV. Politicians cannot lie.

1. A bipartisan committee is selected that reviews potential acts of dishonesty and lying. If a politician lies, the Ethics committee issues a proclamation of deceit. Three such proclamations result in articles of review leading to censure, or removal from office. 

V. any person serving as an elected official is deemed as a “fiduciary” and any self dealing or benefits created, received or otherwise obtained to the politician, their family, company, or any other entity will be forfeited and considered a crime. no politician shall vote on any issue they have a financial interest in. all politicians will submit their tax returns for five years prior to running for office while they are in office, and for five years after which is reviewed by an independent forensic political accountant to evaluate conflicts of interest and assess conflicts where such officials are precluded from voting. 


The Plan to Achieve Solutions Now


1. We must focus. Unite behind ideas and action, not personalities. Any candidate should be focusing on plans, ideas for discussions with concrete steps to achieve a betterment of our country.

2. Each of us should avoid distraction and the temptation to be a part of the distraction of the day.

3. If everyone on social media were to unite behind a single message so loud it could be heard, that one clear message could demand action now. If that fails, Americans can directly demand from their elected officials these changes, boycott, protest and otherwise achieve these goals now to preserve and ensure Democracy free of corruption. 


Where’s my tax money going?

Coming Soon.

Tax money spent on cigarettes 

Coming Soon.

Corruption in the government 

Coming Soon. 

why should everyone pay the same in tax money?

Coming Soon.

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

“Stop Corrupt taxes” is a start to get out a message. Politicians are emerging with ideas Burt each has their own approach. They should unite if they truly care. It should not be about personality, but solutions. Who had the most cleat course… today. Right now. Act NOW.

You may read this and think there are problem, or reasons why it can’t work. Of course there is refining needed but don’t be the person who just sees problems and reasons things can’t work, it takes intelligence and wisdom find solutions, time to improve them, heart to guide them and love to enable us. Don’t be the negative forces of life, or the hate energy, if you are, we have no time for you. This is for those who believe, who commit to and are ready for change.


Our Mission & Approach

The approach we will have to stop this corruption is freely spreading the word. The easiest way to make a change quickly is by spreading a message and having people with similar mindsets stand by it. Eventually, we would like to receive donations to make a bigger message, ( spreading the message on bigger platforms such a TV ads, radio advertisements & more to reach a much bigger audience! ) 

We thank you for every ounce of help you give to our cause. Although everything is free, we would like to take the time to thank you for even reading through our website! Let friends and family know and make sure to support us on social media! 

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